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Andrea von Salis Hi-End Audio Software for MAC

Andrea von Salis Virtual Audio Standard (AVS) is a new approach to sound reproduction that solves some traditional stereo and multichannel systems' limits, creating a new listening experience, more close to the original live performance.
The basic idea is to use our "mind" (the auditory system) as a sound-field processor, utilizing some skills of human auditory system, never employed before. That is realized by a new way of letting micro-information come to our auditory system, using - among other things – a specific software for Mac AVS 3D●VR that allows to correlate (as it happens, in visual perception, with techniques
to produce three-dimensional stereograms from two-dimensional pictures) two specular three-dimensional sonic "images" to obtain sonic "holograms".
The result is a sharp increase of sound fidelity with any existing two channels software (mono, stereo, surround), with a soundstage extended as far as the listening point and “open” 180° to 360° in front/behind of the listener. Furthermore an evident increase of sound "body", micro-information quantity
and musical message intelligibility (meant as the feelings and musical "intentions" of the performers) is obtained.
With AVS recordings (and 2ch surround audio-video tracks), specifically studied to express at the top all AVS reproducing system's possibilities, the soundstage reaches an extension up to 360° around the listener with a palpable sensation to "be present" at the original sound event: the Sound Virtual Reality.

Peculiarities of AVS’ listening

● Creation of realistic sound events.
● Two three-dimensional sound-stages correlation to obtain sound holograms with every source, mono,
   stereo and/or surround.
● Strictly Hi-End manufacturing philosophy of AVS 3D●VR software.
● Total compatibility with mono, stereo and surround software and total compatibility of AVS software
   with stereo systems.
The system
The system is conceived following the Andrea von Salis Virtual Audio Standard (AVS) theoretic model and is based on the use of two peculiar skills of our auditory system. When activated, the first produces the recreation of a three-dimensional sound field, the second causes a new sound experience to appear to the listener, by the reality of a virtual sound field in which he feels plunged and suspended.

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