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Andrea von Salis Hi-End Audio Software for MAC


AVS 3D●VR 1.1.0
Version also for 2ch DAC
AVS 3D.VR 1.1.0.dmg
5.9 Mb
Demo 7 days free
Contact us for the key code 

Test Tone
5,04 Mb
Pink noise 0dB 1

 White Noise -100dB 96 kHz 24 bit
16,9 Mb
White -100

Necessary (free)
Link to download page

Audacity 2.0
Suggested software for recording (free)

Mac The Scope 4X4
Useful for tuning the system (30 days demo)

Links for
BEHRINGER ECM 8000 measurement microphone

AVS Music Downloads

Piano Live
Roberto Paruzzo
at Milan Conservatory

Beethoven Sonata op. 109
Liszt Dante Sonata

AVS ResearchEqualized and normalized with AVS 3D●VR software
Downsampling from 96 kHz/32 bit to 48 kHz/16 bit with Audacity
AVS Andrea von Salis Virtual Audio Standard Recording
For personal use only
Copyright 2005
All rights Reserved