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Andrea von Salis Hi-End Audio Software for MAC


The stereo AVS 3D●VR software that transforms MAC computers in a Hi-End audio-video 

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Working schema of the AVS system with the AVS 3D●VR software installed in a portable MAC and the  Echo AudioFire 4 converter (can work also in stereo, or with converters with more then 4 ch). The MAC can be used as a CD/DVD and MP3 player with a quality similar to good external CD/DVD players. It is in any case possible to connect to the system external digital and/or analog sources. The AVS 3D●VR software up-samples every digital signal till 192kHz/32 bit float, increasing in an evident way dynamic and details of the sound event, improving the definition and the wideness of the soundstage. With the AVS TT (Totally Transparent) parametric filters it is possible to linearize and/or change the general timbre of an audio system, without introducing audible artifacts, improving the global sound quality in stereo. Adding two (active) rear speakers (recommended the Yamaha MSP5 for the excellent price/quality rate), you can obtain a totally 3D soundstage, further on improving dramatically the definition of the micro-details of sounds and of the general realism of the reproduction, in particular in the bass frequencies: this even if the Yamaha are very small speakers, because this happens for psycho-acoustical reasons. 
To realize an AVS entry level system we strongly recommend 4 Yamaha MSP5 and the Echo AudioFire 4 external converter (tested and AVS certified). Preset are available to obtain a frequency response of this system, in order to bring the general sound experience to be like (or better) the one you obtain with excellent Hi-End devices.
To be listened also with the MP3 files!
All the AVS system can be controlled via the Apple® Remote control, dramatically simplifying the use of an audio-video system.

The control windows of AVS 3D●VR software.
Up: general control window, with volume, preset and Sampling 
frequency selection.
Right: window Input/Output settings.
Down: window for the 4 ch room parametric equalization controls and fine-resolution delay lines.
Down right: window for the correlation controls for rear spekers.

Other functionalities available by the AVS 3D●VR controls.

 Equalizing in a precise and effective way every channel (stereo and/or AVS, in stereo even without external converter, utilizing the audio output of the MAC).
 It is possible to tune the system (stereo or AVS) for different optimal listening positions in the room, or disposing in a non symmetrical way the speakers towards the listening point, re-tuning the  time and amplitude differences by the delay lines present for each channel, with a resolution of 1 cm (33 microsec.). All can be the controlled simply changing presets, in stereo even without external converter, utilizing the MAC audio output.
 With audio-video tracks, it is possible to move the virtual emission of the center channel in every point placed inside the area defined by the disposition of the speakers: for example you can seat on an armchair and let “coming out” the actors’ voices from the screen of the portable MAC you have on your legs or placed on the table in front of you, even if the speakers are meters away, perceiving in any case a totally 3D soundstage that rounds you (only in AVS). 
 In combination with the software Audacity (free) for recording, you can equalize and/or change the recording levels with the AVS TT filters and amplitude controls, without alteration in the perceived sound quality, that usually becomes “grainy” or with less dynamic. 
 In stereo it is possible to use the outputs implemented for the rear channels also for bi-amplifying the speakers, controlling and equalizing independently the two ways, even controlling the arrival time and the phase of each way with the delay lines with a resolution of 10-33 microseconds (0,01 - 0,03 ms). 

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